Why-Calibrate-HDTV System?

    'If you want to see the movie the way the film makers intended it to look in the video realm... then proper calibration is needed.' THX

What's In It For Me? (WIIFM)

Why get a professional calibration?

  • Show full detail in the darkest and brightest parts of all scenes
  • Display is properly matched to your video system and viewing environment
  • See a sharper focused, full resolution image
  • Maintain accurate color balance at all picture light levels
  • Produce a full range of accurate colors, including flesh tones, grass, sky and sports teams
  • Have a cinema theater "film look"
  • Minimize picture artifacts (distortions)
  • Easier on your eyes and reduce headaches
  • Display lasts longer than display with factory default settings
  • Save on energy costs.

    What ? Save energy costs? How can that be?

    • Since manufactures don't know which product will be on display and which will be sold; the product leaves the factory with an overly bright 'torch mode' setting.
    • This configuration makes the product look better in-store and helps get it sold.
    • Once it's in your home, you need to properly adjust the display for your viewing environment.
    • The result of a correct calibration is a better quality picture and a lower electrical bill.
    • Some studies have shown a savings of $100 per year per display are achievable.

    Why-calibrate-HDTV system?

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