Here are some customer reviews I've received.

TV_calibration_reviews #1

I hired Stephen of HDTV-Calibration to calibrate my new 47.5” Sony Bravia.  First of all I must say Stephen is professional, courteous and a great communicator.  He showed up on time and ready to go to work.  I am by no means a geek, but have messed with my HD TV’s in the past in an attempt of obtaining the best picture quality possible.  Right out of the box seemed good initially, but it didn’t take long for me to start messing with the settings when certain things just didn’t look right.  And it seemed I was always second-guessing my previous efforts to improve the picture quality after a few shows or a couple days. 

The entire process takes about 4 hours.  I had no idea what do expect and was surprised by the equipment and sensors involved.  Setup with the sensors and equipment takes about 30 minutes.  We darkened the room with the blinds as best we could to minimize external light influence.   The calibration process takes into account the environment, my personal ability to distinguish certain characteristics, and then as I understand it, maximizes the TV’s capability to create the best picture against established standards for color, grey scale, sharpness, gamma (whatever that is), picture size, and lots more.  One of the first things we did was shut off all of the automatic TV settings, which are no doubt well-intentioned for the average situation, but as we’ve all experienced, still may leave a wide picture quality range.  Stephen’s goal in the process, and my expectation was to get the best picture out of my $500 TV and to get me to stop messing with the settings.

Stephen made a lot of changes to the TV through the calibration process.  He explained everything along the way and took time to answer my questions.  One thing that showed up quickly and surprised me was that my new TV was ignoring about 8% of the available Comcast signal around the edges.  Corrected that.   The experience of working with him through the process was not only educational and enjoyable, but I could see the graphs changing to match best quality standards and the TV’s capability.  In the end the picture quality was definitely better than original home setup, and better than any of my efforts to improve the quality.  Improvements were obvious in certain areas such as skin tones, and grass, and in dark movie scenes. Everything also looks more natural, which is very pleasing to the viewing experience.   Once the process is complete a pre and post calibration report is generated.  Really nice.

Originally I hesitated at spending the money to get this work done.  But after seeing the results and the work process and equipment required to get the job done, I’d say the expenditure is worthwhile and fair value.  I was so pleased with the results on the Sony I decided to get the job done on an 8 year old 57” Mitsubishi 1080P HD projection set, which seemed to have a lot of potential, but also needed a lot of help.  This TV was an expensive one when new and certainly doesn’t have all the adjustment capability of the newer units, but needed as much or more correction than Sony.  Outcome was also great.

Best of all, no more messing with the settings.  I now have full confidence that I am getting the best possible picture from my TV’s that they can produce from the signal.  Maybe my wife will let me do our 3rd set in the bedroom next year.  I’d recommend Stephen if you care about the quality of your TV experience.  Once it’s done, it’s done. Rob 

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