About me

Above is a picture of me while on a motorcycle trip with my wife to Zion National Park in Utah

My background:

Moved to Oro Valley Az in 2004 after retiring from Caterpialler Inc.

I retired from the US Army in 1994 after serving 23 years.

I've been and active audiophile since the 1970's. My quest for listening to the best possible music must have pre-disposed me to a similar fate regarding video.

I got interested in TV video quality after retirement in an effort to get the maximum performance out the equipment I'd purchased.

I attended THX video calibration school in 2010 and received my certification shortly after. 

I attended ISF calibration school in 2012 and recieved my certification at that time.

I travel through out the southern AZ & Tucson AZ area to perform TV video calibrations. 

I do not sell any products. So I have nothing to gain if asked for advice.

My approach to calibrating a TV is to work side by side with at least one interested person through out the session. This ensures the subjective/environmental factors are incorporated and suitable for the viewer. The intent is to ensure the calibration is explained in an easily understandable manner. Questions are welcome.

I am a 1 person business so I'll be the only person you will deal with. 

I look forward to earning your trust and business.